Sunday, October 2, 2011


Did it again--Mexico City... quite busy... the only exception: I stayed. It will soon be a year and I am still here. Vianna returns in a week :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Been a while. Even forgot about this blog.
Went to Japan for the photography. Truly raised in Love with Tokyo, knew it upon arriving. Being a New Yorker--language is not a problem. We find a way to communicate. That's the second thing I noticed the first: when I head out somewhere I always get there--because I know I will. And I do. Happened in London, getting to the Venue on a Sunday with no address. And in Japan it happened again. Someone made a comment and then it occurred to me that there's no doubt when I'm on my way to my destination. Be it in the same state, across the country or across the world, it doesn't matter. And I always get there! I would love to have that sure-clear cut knowing, doubtless feeling with everything. Well, maybe not everything, but certainly when listening to my inner wisdom. In my businesses. I guess I have some of that with Photography, and so far it's been successful. There's been a couple of leaps of faith I've taken where I flew so no net needed to appear.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

London with Vianna and the Crew

Revelations I had in London: memories of the idea of "being ugly" originated. I saw how a father interacted with his son--acknowledged him and it occurred to me that receiving recognition in childhood if CRUCIAL. Then just today, I really realized that I don't feel safe, usually nervous and unconsciously fearing something bad will happen. What heavy baggage! This I will work on and clear.

I spent the last two weeks in London, had photo shoots and was very impressed with the lighting. I've had the great pleasure of capturing people's essence using natural light, but I didn't know it was possible to with indoor studio lights. And it happened on the first shoot!
I'm grateful I have a strobe that can be useed anywhere in the world. But will I have the need for it? If not, I can also use this strobe here in the US. So even if I don't use it elsewhere it's fine.

This London trip was hectic all right. Days in  class with Vianna, at 5pm start setting-up, shoot the students, then head to the hotel or in Wimbledon where it's quiet and peaceful. In the morning rushing to catch the tube to the center of London for class again. A bit exhausting to say the least. Did it for about 13 days break. The travel to the U.S. took 24hrs.
While in London, some of the Japanese students asked if I would come to Japan during Vianna courses in March and shoot pictures... funny this was something I had thought about weeks before. And my lights would work there! I checked  airfares and considering I have the equipment the only expenses would be: Airfare, transportation, and food. I think that's it. And I'll be with Vianna!

Here's some of my fav portraits I shot while in London.